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Sunday, January 23, 2011

How To Grow Plumeria Plants From Seeds

Plumeria plants are easily started from seeds. It is a fun and inexpensive way to increase one's collection of plumerias. It is important to find reputable retailers to purchase seeds from in order to guarantee quality.

Generally, it takes anywhere from three to four years for plumeria plants started from seeds to produce flowers. There are reports that flowers developed after just ten months. This is a very rare occurrence.

Each plumeria plant has a large number of chromosomes, some suggest as many as 54, which is the reason each planted plumeria seed produces seedlings each with its own unique characteristics, including flowers, fragrance and growth habit.

Before planting plumeria seeds determine which seeds are viable to increase your success rate. When choosing a container, it is important that the container is the proper size to allow the rapid growth process of plumeria seedlings. There are several successful planting methods. Learn which methods work the best resulting in a high germination rate for quality planted seeds.

Choosing and preparing the container with the just right pre-mixed potting medium is essential for proper healthy growth of the seedlings. Planting the seeds correctly in the container can prevent disease and other harmful effects that can lead to the death of plumeria seedlings.

Ongoing care of planted plumeria seeds is equally essential for a good success rate by providing correct lighting and a regulated watering process and technique for the seedlings. Labeling the container with the seed variety is helpful in identifying the seedling later, especially if you plant plumeria seeds of different varieties.

Fresh plumeria seeds generally germinate within days. A few seeds may take longer to germinate.

As the seeds develop and their initial growth appears, a sheath encloses their tops. Many times the seedlings push the sheath off themselves.

Don’t be confused by the first appearance of the initial green leaves. These are not true leaves. Proper treatment and care at this seed to seedling stage can make the difference between success and failure.

The seedlings need to be transplanted into a fast draining potting mix. The right type of fertilizer with a defined routine fertilizing schedule results in an increased rapid healthy growth. Foliar feeding young plumeria plants regularly benefits their growth dramatically.

By following tested and proven methods plumeria seeds can grow into beautiful, fragrant plumeria plants which one can enjoy year after year.

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