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Monday, May 13, 2013

Container Gardening - Fabric Flower Pots

Welcome All Gardeners,

I'm happy to announce Ms. Rene Clinger, creator of the unique
Ahhh...Pots, as the guest blogger of the following post.

Ms. Clinger was first introduced to fabric pots in a Yahoo Plant 
Group.  A discussion thread of fabric pots got her attention. 
Ms. Clinger found the perfect fabric which is also UV resistant.

This began Ms. Clinger's creative journey into the world of fabric 
pots and planters for container gardening.

Fabric Planters
Fabric Planters

Welcome, Rene....

Thank you, Bob, for that introduction. 

Soon after I discovered the perfect fabric for the pots 
and began making these pots, members of the group 
began to ask me when would I be ready to start taking 

The first pots I created were just black and brown.
But there was still something missing. They missed 
the personal touch. I started looking for suitable 
designed fabrics and I started to experiment with them 
after I found the perfect patterns to add to my fabric pots.

That was exciting! I got busy making patterns for the pots 
and thru lots of trial and error I finally came up with the 
designs which I was very pleased with and thought others 
would enjoy as well.

Being very pleased with the results I also added handles 
for easier lifting and transporting my pots and containers 
from one place to another.  It provides an additional 
practical convenience for gardeners.  My unique, one of 
a kind, designed fabric pots are very strong and sturdy.

I should mention here that these handles lead me 
to my next creation....making and designing fabric bags 
for shopping or as a simple accessory.  They come in three
different sizes, small, medium, and large.  I offer these 
shopping bags in a variety of patterns and designs. 

Fabric Shopping Bag
Fabric Shopping Bag

Ahhh...Pots not only make great Flower Pots for annuals 
like coleus, impatiens, petunias and zinnias, but also add 
the special personal touch when planted with tropical plants
including smaller growing bananas, gingers and heliconias 
as well as bromeliads, caladiums, calatheas and many more.


'I have many Ahhh...Pots now, plus two flower pouches, 
and I love them! Everything I plant in them thrives so 
much better than in any other type of pots I have used 
before. The handles on the pots makes moving them 
so much easier. I have to say I highly recommend them. 
They are the best thing I have found for my plants!'

Flower Pot
Fabric Flower Pot


'I soooooo love my pots! Plan on getting more 
once I get more plumerias! I'm addicted!

Herbs, like basil, dill, mint, rosemary and thyme do
exceptionally well in containers as do vegetables, 
including eggplants, peppers and tomatoes.

For best display fill the fabric pots with potting 
medium as close to the handles as possible.  

Fabric Flower Pot
Fabric Flower Pot

Advantages of fabric pots.... 
  • Light weight 
  • Handles make moving plants a breeze
  • Easy storage - can be folded flat for winter storage
  • Fabric used is porous
  • Stronger root development
  • Excellent drainage
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors 
  • Lower potting medium temperature during hot summers

These one of a kind Fabric Containers, pots, not only make 
an attractive display, but also benefit plants' development 
when compared to plastic pots.

Ohio's summers can be very hot. On one of these hot days,
103 degrees Fahrenheit which equals almost 40 degrees 
Celsius, the temperature of the potting medium in plastic
and fabric pots was measured and compared. 

The temperature in the  black nursery pots was 101 degrees
Fahrenheit,  38.3 degrees Celsius, whereas the temperature
in the fabric pots was 90 degrees Fahrenheit, 32.2 degrees

The lower temperature in the fabric pots results in less 
stress for the plants during periods of extreme heat 
benefitting plants tremendously.  

Fabric Container
Fabric Container

Ahhh...Pots are available in sizes from one gallon to 
sixty- five gallons. Gardeners  across the country are 
discovering these sturdy, practical, beautifully designed 
fabric pots, and loving them.  Gardeners, in California
Texas, Kansas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, New York,
and in my home State of Ohio, who have purchased 
Ahhh...Pots are excited about the new and different
look their flower pots and gardens have this year.  

International Orders and Sales are available for gardeners
outside the United States. International mail rates will be
applied accordingly. 

Fabric Flower Pouches
Fabric Flower Pouches

 also offers flower pouches as seen in 
the photo above.

In addition, custom-made portable gardens, fabric
containers, up to four feet wide are available, and are 
made when ordered. 

These fabric containers are ideal for gardeners who have
limited space or limited access to a backyard to do their 
planting and gardening. 

Fabric Pots
Fabric Pots

Place the fabric pots on a saucer or plastic sheet when 
placing them on a wooden deck, porch or on concrete.  


These flower fabric pots are made of fabric and thus flammable. 
Do not place them near fireplaces, grilling pits, grills on patios 
or decks....anywhere there is an open flame. Do not flick your
cigarette ashes in them. Do not put them in the dryer or iron 

First Time Buyer's Special

First time buyers' receive one FREE Ahhh...Pot of their 
choice of color and design with their first purchase. 

Ahhh-Pots certainly bring a new and unique look to 
container gardening.

Copyright © Rene Clinger