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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Care of Cattleya Orchids

The genus Cattleya is comprised of over
100 species of orchids.  

Cattleya orchids have large flowers which are made up
of three narrow petals and three wider petals.
Two of the three wider petals look about the same
whereas the third one, called lip, looks quite different.

Cattleya orchids are sympodial orchids.
Each flower stalk originates from a pseudobulb.

The number of flowers on one flower stalk varies. 
There may be just one or two, or there may be several
flowers, up to ten.

Cattleya orchids have been hybridized within the genus
and with related genera for more than 100 years.

The most popular hybrids include....
  • Brassolaeliocattleya  (Blc)
  • Sophrolaeliocattleya  (Slc) 

Cattleya orchids like bright light, including full sunshine.
But they should be protected from direct sun during the
summer months. They won't flower without being
exposed to bright light.

Under the correct light conditions the leaves are apple
green in color. Dark green leaves indicate that they
received too little light. Yellowish or brown leaves indicate
too much direct sunlight.

During the growing season Cattleya orchids are watered
heavily, but one has to make sure that the pots never
sit in water. Watering should be cut back when the
flowers start to emerge from their sheaths.
The pseudobulb of a well-watered Cattleya is hard
to the touch without any signs of shriveling.
During their growing season fertilize once a week at
1/4 strength of the recommended dose.
Re-potting should only be done when absolutely
necessary. Cattleya orchids need one growing season
to recover.

When re-potting make sure you use a pot large enough
to allow for the development of at least three pseudobulbs.
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