Plumeria Flowers In Chicago

Monday, March 18, 2013

Tropical Plants - Video of Plumeria Flowers in Chicago

Welcome All Gardeners,

Please enjoy this testimonial, video, of flowering  
Plumerias, Frangipani, growing year-round in 
Chicago, plant hardiness zone 5.

These plumeria flowers are the result of growing 
plumeria plants from seeds, unrooted cuttings and 
rooted plants.

Plumeria plants not only make wonderful tropical 
plants for outdoors during the warmer months of the 
year, but are also beautiful indoor flowering tropical 
plants during the colder months provided with the 
Proper Growing Conditions.

Petals of plumeria flowers range from wide to 
narrow and elliptical to oval with pointed, rounded 
or tapering tips.

In addition, the petals of plumeria, frangipani
flowers may be highly, moderately, slightly 
overlapped, or not overlapped at all.

The wide variety of colors for plumeria flowers 
include gold, orange, pink, rainbow, red and 
yellow, to name a few.

Plumeria, frangipani, flowers, are known for 
their exquisite fragrances, which include citrus, 
coconut, gardenia, jasmine, and many more.  

Happy Growing,

Bob Walsh