Plumeria Flowers In Chicago

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mystery Plumeria

Mystery Plumeria started blooming indoors in my 
home in Chicago on January 31, 2013.

You may ask why I call it Mystery Plumeria.

Many times plumeria plants which for whatever 
reason couldn’t be listed by name were referred 
to as “UNK“, meaning unknown.

Reasons that plumeria plants cannot be listed 
by name include loss of name tags or they were
bought color coded like the one plumeria plant 
shown in the picture.

I received this plumeria with other cuttings which 
were color coded. The cuttings originated in 
Central America and were given to me by my 
dear friend Bob Fisher who is an enthusiastic 
plumeria aficionado and has been growing 
plumerias for many years in Florida.

One plumeria grower wrote me that she 
prefers the term Mystery over UNK and 
I happily agreed.

Since this time I call any plumeria that 
is unidentifiable Mystery Plumeria.

Copyright © Bob Walsh