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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Favorite Annual Plants - Amaranthus tricolor 'Perfecta', 'Illumination' And 'Aurora'

One of my favorite annual plants are Amaranthus tricolor 'Perfecta', 'Illumination' and 'Aurora'. All three are commonly called Summer Poinsettias due to their brightly colored  tops that demand a lot of eye-catching attention in any garden..

The genus Amaranthus, commonly known as Amaranth, is comprised of about 60 species known for either their colorful inflorescences, flower stalks, leaves or both.

Different species of Amaranthus are used as either leafy vegetables, grains or ornamental plants.

Amaranthus tricolor, also known as Joseph's Coat, is widely used as an ornamental in the United States. The leaves and stems can serve as colorful additions to salads or be steamed and served as a side dish as they do in China and Japan.

These plants are easily raised from seeds and grow equally well in containers or planted in the ground.

Amaranthus tricolor prefers a partial sun to sunny location, regular watering and fertilizing with a fertilizer high in Nitrogen. It also benefits from a monthly application of fish emulsion.

Colorful Amaranthus tricolor 'Perfecta'
Amaranthus tricolor 'Perfecta'

Red and yellow Amaranthus tricolor 'Illumination'
Amararanthus tricolor 'Illumination'

Yellow Amaranthus tricolor 'Aurora'
Amaranthus tricolor 'Aurora'

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