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Monday, June 18, 2012

Purchasing Plumeria Seedlings On Ebay

Gardeners not only can purchase plumeria cuttings and plants on Ebay, but they also can purchase plumeria seedlings

Following are some tips to consider before purchasing plumeria seedlings on Ebay.

Sometimes a picture of the mother plant is placed next to the picture of the seedling. The buyer is interested in purchasing the plumeria seedling which is the item that the seller is actually offering to sell. Placing the pictures next to each other can bring about confusion.

The buyer may come to the belief that the flowers of the seedling will look the same as the mother plant. This is not the case. One unique characteristic of plumeria seedlings is that they never grow and develop to look exactly the same as the mother plant.

When purchasing plumeria seedlings the buyer needs to make sure he or she understands these points of confusion by carefully reading the seller's description to know what he is selling and what is being purchased. The buyer needs to know that the picture of the mother plant does not suggest that the seedling is going to be an exact replica of the mother plant when fully developed and grown.

Growing your own plumeria plants from seeds may result in magnificent new hybrids never seen before. The following picture shows one of my own plumeria seedlings which bloomed just seven months after the seeds were planted.

Chicago - Plumeria seedling flowering just 7 months after the seeds were planted.

 To have seedlings bloom just seven months after the seeds have been planted is rather rare, although I heard of one gentleman in New York and one lady in Thailand who also had their seedlings bloom in less than one year after planting the seeds. The usual time frame from planting the seeds to enjoying the flowers is about 1 1/2 to 4 years depending on the growing conditions.

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