Plumeria Flowers In Chicago

Friday, June 3, 2011

Plumeria Flowers Have Many Faces

Welcome All Plumeria and Tropical Plant Lovers,

When growing Plumerias gardeners soon realize that 
their plumeria plants are unique plants in a way that
flowers on the same plant may look different under
various weather conditions.
That's what I love about plumeria flowers. You purchase
one plumeria cutting or rooted plant and actually have
two or three different plants in one once blooming starts.

Color saturation and intensity in plumeria flowers
depends on many factors, including....
  • cloud cover
  • temperature
  • humidity
  • sunlight
  • plant lights
I would like to demonstrate the different appearance
of plumeria flowers of the same plant with a couple
The first picture shows Plumeria 'Lurline' growing
indoors under plant lights.


The second picture shows Plumeria 'Lurline'
growing outdoors under overcast skies with
diffused sunlight and humid conditions.


You can clearly see the deeper color
saturation in the second picture caused by
diffused sunlight with overcast skies and humid

The next picture shows Plumeria 'Daisy Wilcox'
during, hot and sunny conditions with low 


The next picture shows the same plumeria
plant, Daisy Wilcox, blooming under overcast
skies with high humidity.


Again, the color saturation is deeper when 
grown under overcast skies and high humidity.
The above pictures show plumerias growing and
Color intensity and saturation is even more
pronounced in southern states where higher
heat and humidity play a very integral part.

Happy Growing,