Plumeria Flowers In Chicago

Monday, May 16, 2011

Plumeria Species - Plumeria rubra 'Lurline'

How many Plumeria species exist?  Actually, it is not exactly clear.
R.E.Woodson Jr. lists seven species in his ‘Annuals of the Missouri Botanical Garden’ published in 1938.

Plumeria rubra is one of the seven species. Plumeria rubra in its original form is the parent of many of the colorful and fragrant plumeria cultivars we are enjoying today.  The following is just one example of Plumeria rubra.

Plumeria rubra ‘Lurline’ is one magnificent plumeria. The flowers are a combination of red - orange on a yellow background with a red center. The flowers have a heavy texture and can be close to 4 inches in diameter. The fragrance is spicy, with some describing it as sweet. Flowering continues over many months with many flowers open at the same time.

Plumeria rubra 'Lurline'

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