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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Plumeria Pflege – Frangipani Pflanzen – Pagodenbaum – Tempelbaum

Bob Walsh Enterprises proudly announces the addition of one “German page” to their website, Plumeria Care - How To Grow Plumerias Frangipani, for all German speaking plumeria aficionados and gardeners in Europe and around the world. 

The page entitled, Plumeria Pflege – Frangipani Pflanzen - Pagodenbaum – Tempelbaum, can be found at

This new German language page highlights and explains Bob Walsh’s new book, How To Grow Plumeria - Frangipani Anytime Anywhere!, to German speaking plumeria enthusiasts and gardeners in their mother tongue. 
Bob Walsh Enterprises offers this page to accommodate the 70-plus million people of the Federal Republic of Germany, and the additional 50 million German speaking population around the world in Austria, Switzerland, and in neighboring countries of Western Europe, and in Eastern Europe stretching from Russia with over one million in the north to the former Yugoslavia in the south.

North America, the United States, Canada, and Mexico are home to practically half of the 50 million German speaking living outside of Germany.  Both Brazil and Argentina claim another million each.  Australia has over one million German speaking while New Zealand has become home to hundreds of thousands.  

Many German speaking people grew up surrounded by flowers in their gardens or decorative window boxes that they cared for religiously – taking great pride appreciating the beauty of these floral displays. They, like so many others, have fallen in love with plumerias, frangipani, which they have discovered in their international travels or through the internet. 

Now with the opportunity to learn more about how to grow plumerias anywhere anytime, they can include these beautiful scented tropical plants wherever they call home in the world, especially with Bob Walsh’s new step by step illustrated plumeria care guide, available at, where it is now introduced to them in their native German language. 

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