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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How To Grow Plumeria Frangipani Cuttings & Plumeria Plants

My very first experience with plumerias was being welcomed
by some friends of mine as I arrived in Hawaii. The traditional
island greeting is to receive a lei, a floral necklace of flowers.
The beauty of the flowers, the rich sensuous fragrance is
unforgettable.....the flowers were Plumerias.

Plumeria lei

Every time I close my eyes, think of the word 'Plumeria', 
images of these beautiful tropical flowers come to mind
....where I can almost smell their sweet intoxicating
fragrances along with feeling the fresh gentle ocean
breezes and the warm sunshine. That's how powerful
an imprint plumerias make on your captures
that moment forever.

Some of you may have had similar experiences in your travels.
Or, maybe you saw plumerias in a tropical floral display and
admired their beauty and fragrance.

Maybe you saw them at a Flower Show, and bought some
cuttings..... or bought some cuttings on your last
tropical island vacation. 

Returning home, you excitedly planted the cutting following
the basic instructions you received with your cutting. 
But unfortunately, it never rooted and flowered.  
And, sadly it died.... and with it your dream of having your
very own plumeria in your home or garden.  

Family members, friends, and neighbors tried to console
you by telling you plumerias can't be grown where you
live because your year round climate wasn't suitable
for these very beautiful tropical plants.

Let me tell you a SECRET >>> what all the people
around tell you isn't true.....

But you need to KNOW HOW!

With the correct information of all the necessary steps
on how to plant, water, fertilize, and provide proper
lighting, airflow, insect and disease control, you can
grow PLUMERIAS right in your own home or garden.

Grow plumerias successfully by providing....

free draining soil properly mixed
ample sunshine/artificial light
good airflow
proper humidity
correct fertilizers 
good insect and disease control methods

Plumerias are easily grown from seeds. By applying some
skillful TLC, plumeria seedlings can be brought into bloom 
successfully, like this one seedling below which bloomed
just 10 months after I planted the seeds. 

From seed to flower in 10 months
Plumerias can be grown successfully from Anchorage,
Alaska to Auckland, New Zealand as the following
pictures illustrate.

These pictures below show plumerias successfully
which I have planted in plant hardiness zone 5.....
one of those places that people
say "you can't grow plumerias there".

Hurricane - grown in zone 5

White & yellow plumeria grown in zone 5

Daisy Wilcox - grown in zone 5

With good tried and true knowledgeable information,
with a proven record of successfully growing plumerias,
you, too, can LEARN how to grow plumerias
or frangipani (as they are also named and called by
many worldwide) right where you live indoors or outdoors
or both.

Don't let your dreams die, learn how to grow plumerias the
right way.....create your own garden of paradise!

To learn more on how to grow plumerias successfully
using a step-by-step approach visit How To Grow Plumerias.

Happy Growing,

Bob Walsh
Bob Walsh
Step-by-step guide